What Kinds Of Things Should I Be Careful Of If I Have A Swimming Pool?

Courtesy: poolandspadepot

Having a swimming pool in the house can be both fun and a big responsibility at the same time. It is important to maintain it on a regular basis. To help, below are the kind of things one should be careful of if he or she has a swimming pool.

1. The Alkalinity and PH level of the pool

It is important to measure and keep track of the alkalinity and PH level of the pool of a weekly basis. Neutral PH is 7 whereas a high PH occurs when there is higher alkalinity. Make sure that the PH level does not go on the acidic side as it will mean that the pool surface and equipment are at risk of erosion. However, if it is on the base side it will make the water cloudy and full of deposits. Therefore, maintain the PH level by a PH increaser or decreaser.

2. Manually clean the pool

The pool must be manually cleaned on a daily basis to avoid any dirt, debris or leaves on the water surface. Brushes and cleaners can be used for this purpose.

3. Learn about the filters

There are different filtration systems that can be used in the pool. Firstly, the sand filters are great for trapping their solid sand bed. Secondly cartridge filters have a greater surface area and make maintenance easier. Thirdly, Diatomaceous earth filters can also be used. They are made from porous bone material and are simple to use.

Therefore, follow these tips to maintain swimming pools in Townsville.