Air Bag Injuries in car accidents

While the airbags may save you from something far worse, they often produce unexpected injuries in the course of doing their job. These devices have saved many lives, but the need to deploy an airbag in a split second before you would hit a door or steering wheel generates its own set of dangers.

Let’s take an example of a car being run off the road by a drunk driver and hitting a telephone pole which causes the airbags to deploy. What sort of injuries commonly result?

First, the force of the airbag can by itself cause a concussion as your brain is banged around inside your skull. If you or someone you love were harmed by a airbag during a crash then you can visit this source to file a lawsuit against company.

Secondly, you’ll suffer migraines.  Tinnitus can be a constant, upsetting ringing ears that could derive from the utilization of the air bag inflator causing raised pressure in the closed car or truck.  The higher pressure causes problems for the motorist’s ear.

Handling tinnitus is just a challenging problem due to the fact that much individuals experiencing tinnitus do not initially correlate it using the auto crash or the air bag installation.Thirdan air bag usually strikes people who are in the eye and face resulting in pressure injuries like detached retinas.

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The rate of the airbag setup is a strong occasion and will result in injuries to ligaments and tendons at the road of their air bag.  By way of instance, I recently concluded an incident at which your client had been honking her horn to frighten the other motorist never to straight back in to the car at high rate.  The other motorist slammed in to your client hard enough to cause the air bag to set up and also your customer’s wrist and ligaments were ripped by the burst of their air bag.

Most of us understand that air bags are able to save livesnonetheless, they may also, occasionally, cause harms, specially if the air bag is defective as a result of its design.  Were you aware airbags can deploy at rates as large as 200 miles?  With that type of rate, air bag accidents can occur, however there are techniques to prevent significant harms.

Bear in mind, frontal air bags are crucial security apparatus and reduce departure by 29 percent to drivers and driver-side air bags reduce passing by 37 percent in line with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Product defects and other factors can contribute to air bag injuries. Our experienced air bag injury lawyers believe you should be entitled to monetary damages when you were hurt through no fault of your own. We know that burns can be exceptionally painful, and that the scars they leave can last a lifetime. If we don’t recover money for you, then you don’t owe our firm any fees.