Different Types of Car On The Market

The different types of cars may seem like something a car enthusiast would know about. But the reality is that it is something that all of us common people should know about too, for the purposes of tax classification if nothing else. For simplification, we can divide cars in five different broad categories.


Sports Cars: Sport cars have a minimum weight and maneuverability requirements. They mostly come in two doors which are known as coups.

Luxury Cars: These are the cars we see in movies. They might have rear seats and the trunk that is smaller than usual due to a smaller size, or in case of a full sized car proper back seat space and trunk.

Economy Cars: These are inexpensive cars. They are usually lightweight and small. They have varied designs and are readily available and seen.

Small Car: Smaller car are usually saloons and hatchback. Their trunk storage is usually limited and also have a limited seating capacity.

Mid-Size Cars: While sizes vary from region to region, they have enough space for five adults and a good-sized trunk space. The engine is more powerful than that of small sized car.

Learning to categorize your car is important as rules and regulation in Sydney change according to car classification. And for some cars categories are not so easy and simple. In this case contacting a good car broker, Sydney based; or any other related agency is the best way to go about it as they know the most about the cars they are selling.

Personal Characteristics Of Event Planner

Recently, the trend of event planners has really caught on. However, it is very difficult to hire a planner who has skills, experience and knowledge of event planning because most event planners lack experience.

Personal characteristics that event planners in Sydney should have are:

1. Exceptional at managing time

The event planner should have the quality of managing time efficiently as the planner has to manage not only their time but also the time of the whole team and the family, which has hired the planner. The planner should make sure that everything takes place according to schedule and does not lack management. 


2. Should be resourceful

It is one of the most important qualities of an event planner. There is always a thing that needs to be fixed in events. It could be a piece of paper or the decoration of a centre piece. You have to be resourceful to fix these problems creatively.

3. Communicate with team effectively

Communicate your thoughts and ideas with your team and also ask them to pitch in with ideas and suggestions. Be respectful to everyone in the team, make sure they are satisfied with their job and have a sense of fulfilment from their jobs.

4. Should be passionate towards event planning

Person cannot be successful in anything if he is not passionate about it. So when choosing event planning as a job one should be passionate about it.  It encourages individuals to keep going on after small setbacks and failures.

These are some qualities that make an event planner successful.