How to Stop Cats Spraying?

If cats are used to a home, they don’t like to go outside. The home becomes a safe abode for the cats. Moreover, there are threats like other cats and street dogs outside. So, cats like to stay in the house as a way of protecting themselves from those animals. But, problem arises when the cats start spraying urine in the house itself. Over a period of time, they develop a habit of spraying at certain places in the house. After that, you would start to worry about how to stop cats spraying. If you develop a bond with the cats and start caring for them, you would also not feel like throwing out of the house.

A simple way to stop cats spraying in the house is to start playing with them outside at the same time everyday. Pick a time which approximately coincides with the cats’ spraying time. Just like humans, cats are also creature of habits. It is possible to train them so that they stop spraying in the house. If you can’t play with them, taking them for a walk would also work. Since you would be with the cats, the danger of other street animals attacking the cats would also be less.