The Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Corded vacuum cleaners are very common in the world today. They are getting better every year with the advancements in technology. These corded vacuum cleaners are very easy to use and are cost effective. There are many companies that produce corded vacuum cleaners, including: Eureka, Dyson, Hoover and iRobot.

Corded stick vacuums are easy to hold and easy to use. They look like regular upright vacuums and are very good for light carpets and hardwood floors. The following are among the most known corded vacuum cleaners in the market today.

Robotic Vacuums

iRobot is a company that has produced a robot that seeks out dirt and completely cleans carpets. These are brilliant machines to discover. With the hit of a button, the robot roams the room and cleans. The user does not do any pushing or physical labor.

Stick and Handheld Vacuums

Corded handheld vacuums are not new to the market. They are great for small jobs and very good for the cars. Nowadays, some of the model has 2-in-1 function that is stick and detachable hand vacuum. However, they cannot be used for heavy duty cleaning though.

There are several models and types of corded vacuum cleaners. They mostly have the similar characteristics and only differ in a few areas. Two good examples are the Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum, SH20030 and the Shark Multi-Task Stick Vacuum.

Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum, SH20030

This is a sleek corded stick vacuum cleaner that is featherweight. Online reviews say that it has very good performance. It is versatile enough to get into the tough corners.

Features details:

  • It has a powered brush tool that uses cyclonic technology.
  • It can transition from hard flooring to area rugs and low pile carpeting with ease.
  • It features swivel steering, which lets the user maneuver around furniture easily.
  • It has a 20’ power cord that has a power release.
  • It has a bottom dirt cup that is easily removed for disposal.
  • It has an extreme reclining handle that lets the user reach under the furniture.

Shark Multi-Task Stick Vacuum

This corded stick vacuum machine has impressive suction power. It is very light and easy to carry, yet robust as well. It performs well on hardwood floors and other flooring types. This corded stick vacuum cleaner can be found online starting at around $59.99.

Features Highlight:

  • It has a bag-less stick vacuum bag and uses cyclonic technology.
  • It can be converted into a hand vacuum for wall or furniture cleaning.
  • It comes with a versatile hose, dusting brush and a crevice tool for above-floor cleaning.
  • It has an adjustable height size.
  • It comes with the HEPA filters.
  • It is important to always do a research before settling on a vacuum cleaner to buy. Compare prices and read reviews on the products.

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