Juicing And Smoothie- Which One Is Better for You

Can juice be said to be exactly the same as a smoothie?

Not really, because there is quite a difference between the two. In spite of their either minor or major differences, they're both good for your health.

A smoothie is prepared in a blender. As you may conclude from the word, it is not juiced but blended. Unlike juicing, the process of blending retains all of the ingredients, including the pulp that consists of insoluble fibre. The taste of the pulp varies depending on the fruit or vegetable that you're using. Because of the pulp, a blended drink may taste awkward to some, whereas some may find it delicious.

On the other hand, juice is prepared in a juicer where the pulp is separated from the final product – the juice. Though not as healthy as a smoothie, juices are still recommended to drink because of the fibre found in the form of soluble fibre.

To clear it up for you, juicers are not Nutri bullets. These are two different things. If you want to buy a high-quality juicer, you may want to look for a Breville juice fountain, Omega J8006, Omega VRT350, etc. A Nutri bullet is a blending machine with blades that chop foods into pieces just like any other blender. Even though Nutri bullet is a very powerful tool, the chopped foods will retain an amount of pulp. Don't fool yourself and don't expect wonders. You will have to either remove the pulp yourself or do a magic trick – in other words, apply marketing methods.

If you can't lay your hands on a juicer but have a blender nearby, be sure you can juice. What you'll have to do is get cheesecloth, put it on your blending machine, thus separating the pulp from the juice. It requires extra work, reduces the quality of the juice, but still, it is something.

Smoothies are great. Many simply adore them. However, there is something that drives people back to preferring juices over smoothies. Perhaps it is the overall feeling of preparing and drinking it. At the end of the day, keep drinking both, because they are nothing but great, tasty and useful.