How To Attract All Those Teens!

Teenagers play a huge role in the economy today, buying all the latest gadgets and trendy products, and this makes it vital that you attract their attention.

Courtesy: slideshare

1. How to attract them

You cannot attract adults in the same way that you attract teens, your older target audience will look for products that are cost effective, long lasting and convenient whereas teens will look for products that are up to date with the latest styles and trendy.

To attract a teenage audience you need to appeal to them, they are willing to spend money but they want the products they buy to be cool.


2. Your advertising methods

Social media plays a huge role in the lives of teens today. They may ignore emails, flyers and even billboards but they will not ignore posts on their social media accounts especially if they are funny, colorful and eye catching. To reach the eyes and ears of all those teens out there it’s important that you launch a large scale social media campaign that ensures your product will trend everywhere.

3. How to give away promotional products

It is not only the product that matters, it’s how you distribute them. To reach your teenage audience you will need to circulate your promotional products in Brisbane like cities that teen frequent regularly. Try stocking your products at cafes, theme parks, arcades and shopping malls.

4. Keep up

Teens are always changing, adapting to new environments, searching for the latest trends and absorbing all the latest pop culture. Teens are not the same as they were ten years ago and the idea is to keep up with it all. If you fall behind or miss something, you risk losing a percentage of your well-paying clients.

To get an idea of what teens like today go on social media sites and try to think like they do!

Logo As Visual Asset In Branding


Branding is a huge source of marketing and promoting any company. Consistency of the quality of product plays an important role in branding. Brands should consist of a uniform look and voice throughout the merchandise. This means that everything related to the brand should follow the colour theme, typography, tone and layout. Aside from the product itself, the logo is the main visual asset of the branded promotional product. It is very important that the design is not too different from the original product. Complications that are faced when designing and printing the logo on promotional products are

1. The imprint area of the product 

Logo can be printed anywhere on the product but most branded promotional products have a standard area where logo is printed or engraved. It means that logo should be according to the size of printing area.  It helps a lot to have different layouts and sizes for your logo so that they can easily be printed or engraved in different sized products.

2. Logo colours

One should take care of the colours that are utilized in logo, as logo represents the brand. Logo should be in line with the type brand it represents. 

3. Your budget 

The budget of the company play important role in imprinting the logo. Make sure to design such a logo that it represent your brand nicely as well as is in range of budget. Ensure that good quality hues are used for logo printing, as it represents your brand.

These are few things that should be considered while designing the logo and getting it printed.