A Treatise on the Rising problem of Acne in Adults

For eons, acne has been regarded as a distinctly teenage health problem. It is therefore coming out as a surprise that these days dermatologists are more likely to be consulted by full grown adults about acne than people in their teenage years.

This phenomenon has had leading dermatologists wondering what could be the explanation. We talked to leading specialist on acne scar treatment and sought for a definitive answer on the problem of adult acne. The following is a treatise on the leading causes of adult acne as offered by the eminent health practitioner:


Just as with teenage adolescents, adults mainly suffer from acne due to some hormonal changes. Contrary to popular belief though, both women and men are just as likely to be affected by hormone-induced acne. The only reason why it appears as if women are affected more than men is that for men, most acne pimples appear on the chest and the upper back. For women however, the pimples are often very conspicuously found on the face.


As strange as it may sound on hearing it, a good proportion of adult acne breakouts can be traced to the diet we consume. However, it is worth noting that there are no specific foods which have been proven to cause acne even if there is strong evidence that hyperglycemic foods may make someone more vulnerable. The risk is more on the methods used to prepare and preserve food rather than the specific food type.

Some Insightful Tips on the Causes of Acne and Its Most Effective Remedies

If you have been struggling with acne for a long time, perhaps it is time you approached the problem from a different angle. For it is true that acne affects plenty of people but finding a quick cure is not a likely prospect. First of all you need to become aware of its causes before you can seek for effective remedies. This guide takes a look at the problem of acne from all these angles.

You may have heard of the phrase "prevention is better than cure" and taken it to be just another hackneyed cliché. However, nowhere is it more applicable than in the case of trying to avoid being affected by acne. But, as we have already established, you need to understand the causative factors of acne before you can find a good solution.

The most prevalent cause of acne is hormones. On the face of it therefore it looks as if there is not much you can do to prevent the outbreak of pimples on your face and other areas of the skin. But to some extent, and with particular reference to adults with acne, hormonal changes can be traced to mental stress. As such, a leading expert in acne treatment in Singapore advises that avoiding depressing situations may be the trick you need to deal with adult acne once and for all time.