Keeping Your Phone Safe

When you unpack your new iPhone and start searching online for a good, protective phone case, you are probably more concerned about keeping your phone safe by protecting it from scratches, than you are about protecting yourself from the harm your mobile can cause.

But ‘keeping your phone safe’ has another aspect to it as well. All mobile phones, from the cheapest up to the most expensive latest models, produce microwave radiation. They have to, because the radiation is an essential part of their function. Without it, they could not communicate with the radio towers that relay voice and data across the mobile network. This radiation is harmful both to our reproductive health and our general health. Studies have shown that human sperm exposed to mobile phone radiation are weaker and less healthy than sperm that are not exposed to such radiation, and as a result they are less able to fertilise an egg and achieve conception.

There is mounting evidence too, that mobile radiation is damaging our brains and possibly other organs.

For these reasons, the scratches your mobile phone case wards off are far less important than the protection that the case gives you. Unless you are going to abandon using a mobile entirely, you either need to keep it in an effective anti-radiation phone case, or accept the risk to your health that comes from constant, long term exposure to microwave radiation.