Nyauw Gunarto Is An Expert In Wine Painting

For a number of painters, wine is also a medium to draw a masterpiece on a white canvas. Its use is close to that of liquid watercolor. Indeed, the “divine patent” plays both the role of water and pigment.

Nyauw Gunarto Painting on Nelson Mandela

However, its use is less flexible than watercolor. Indeed, once dried, there is no more recourse. It should be noted that each vintage or variety has its particular hue. For example, cot or malbec, found in Cahors, gives a blue, cabernet a red, brown merlot and syrah a violet.

This is explained in one of the videos shown below. In conclusion, the result will be more subtle if you have several bottles at your disposal. Therefore, one advice to avoid the “big red that stains”. I know that when a bottle has been opened, the wine turns sour after a few days.

It becomes unfit for consumption but I do not know if we can still paint with it. Otherwise, all you have to do is enjoy it once the painting is done. But everyone knows that “a drink is fine, three glasses hello the damage “Anyway libations running a work would leave traces of brushes.

Nyauw Gunarto Semarang painter

Here are the sites of artists who paint with wine. They live around the world. Nyauw Gunarto– the famous painter from Semarang – Mika the caricaturisc, in France, then Jean-Luc Dossche in Belgium – Nelva Richardson and Christina LoCascio in the United States, Stewart K. Moore in Prague – Luis Casanova Sorolla in Peru – Marcello Daldoce in Brazil in Sao Paulo. There are probably other artists who use medium, but they seemed to be talented. It’s for them, even if it seems to appeal to journalists, to be more than just a gadget

Nyauw Gunarto Semarang is one of the best wine painters in the world as he just brings that perfection that is required in this type of painting. Most artists use, as in watercolor, paper support but some paint on canvas. I also met a painter who used dregs of wine, sees soft, as a pigment. But then, we come out of the liquid medium.