Differences between organic and non organic foods


Organic food and non organic food have been quite popular topics in the modern world. The consumption of organic food among people has been increasing day by day. The sales of the organic food industries have considerably increased since 2013 and are still increasing.

Exploded popularity of the Organic foods market

 With growing number of diseases because of the adulterated processed food, the exposure to organic food products are also increasing. There has been hype all around the world. Media everywhere is encouraging the use of organic food products. Celebrities like actors, are being appointed as brand ambassadors of these products. Examples include organic tea, organic wheat flour, organic toothpaste and what not. Among all the mentioned items, organic food of any type has been proved to be the most important.  From fruits and vegetables to different types of flours and pulses, everything has its organic version.

Various people! Various opinions!

Different people have different opinions and reasons to use these organic products. Some feel its safer, tastier and healthier than the usual food. Whereas some comment on its usefulness to the environment

The best thing about organic food is that its production doesn't include the usage of harmful fertilizers and pesticides. Instead natural pesticides are used like manure and compost which are good for the environment as well as our own health.

Why non organic is not good?

  • Lots of artificial chemicals are used
  • Nitrate levels in non organic foods are higher
  • Non organic foods have less number of antioxidants and vitamins

 Whatever fruits and vegetables one chooses it should be the best like Organic fruit from Brisbane.