Industries That Uses Elevated Work Platforms

There are several types of elevated work platforms; some of them are mobile while others are fixed. These are used in various industries for carrying heavy materials, construction projects and other tasks.


Following are some industries in which different work platforms are used for various tasks:

1. Construction

Some of the most commonly used platforms include articulating boom lifts, aerial lifts and telescopic lifts. These machines help in reaching different heights. Work platforms articulating boom lifts have huge arms that help to access cooling and heating units, pipes and ductwork.

2. Orchard Work

Cherry pickers which are also known as aerial lifts were initially designed and introduced for orchards’ work. The main purpose of a cherry picker is to reach out to fruits and pick them. These platforms are narrow and small in size so they can easily be used between rows of a tree. Due to this, cherry pickers are also used in factories and warehouses for lifting and moving heavy materials.

3. Indoor Retail Areas or Warehouses

Industrial work platforms are available in many sizes and shapes. In most warehouses and retail areas small sized platforms like aerial lift, articulating boom lifts, scissor lifts and telescopic boom lifts are used. The main purpose of using these lifts and work platforms is to move heavy materials from one place to another. This makes workers’ tasks much easier and less time-consuming.

Apart from these,industrial elevated work platforms are also used for huge events, maintaining lines and for tree care work.