Tips On Planning A Reception Hall

Important Question

to Ask While Choosing a Reception Hall

Selecting from a range of Windsor reception halls can be a very time consuming and strenuous task. Things can become even more complicated if you are not aware what to look for and what to ask. In such scenario the details we are going to provide in the following sections will help you ask right questions and select the most appropriate venue.

Questions to Ask While Selecting a Reception Hall

Windsor reception hallsReception

  • How much time you will get for the reception? 
  • Is it necessary to finish the reception by a particular time (as for instance, within 4 hours)?
  • Will there be a charge for additional hours beyond the stipulated time?
  • Will there be other events occurring while your reception is taking place? Would there be required privacy for your event?

Specific Restrictions

  • Will it be allowed to throw rose petal or confetti at the reception hall?
  • Will reception hall allow use of professional fireworks?
  • Do they have any specific restrictions on videography or photography?

Bar Service and Alcohol

  • Many Windsor reception halls provide bar service and alcohol. Check whether the hall you want to select provides these options.
  • Will bartenders be provided by the venue?
  • After reception is over, will you have to pay anything for all the unopened bottles?
  • Will there be a corkage fees (if buying your own alcohol, then some venues charge corking fee for every bottle that is opened)?

Changing Room & Restroom

  • Is there proper changing room that can be used by bride?
  • Are the restrooms neat and clean?
  • Are all of restroom fixtures working properly?


  • In case there is attractive decoration present when you visit the venue, inquire whether it will still be there when your reception takes place.
  • Is there any redecorating or remodeling taking place now or will take place during your reception? If so, it will be better to look for some other venue.
  • Check photographs of previous receptions that were held at this venue. By going through the photographs you will have a good idea of the type of decoration that will look good at the venue.
  • Will the venue provide table covers, napkins, seat covers, candelabras, sashes and similar other things or there would be extra charge for them?
  • Will the place cards, menus and seating plans provided by the venue?


  • What happens in case less number of guests attend the reception as compared to what you have paid for?
  • Will the pricing remain fixed after the venue is booked?
  • What are the things which are part of the price of the venue?
  • How much deposit you will have to make and when the balance amount is to be paid?
  • Will you have to pay cake cutting fee?

Miscellaneous Features

  • Do Windsor reception halls provide handicap access?
  • Is glassware and linens included in the pricing?
  • Will it be possible to sample food available at the venue and discuss menu choices?
  • Do they have liability insurance and will it be adequate for type of reception you have planned?

A Final Note

Thus, it is clear that while selecting a reception hall you will have to consider many different points which may appear to be trivial factors but certainly have a role to play in your decision making process.