Healthy lifestyle is the mantra to fitness


We may think that crash dieting and temporary lifestyle changes will help us achieve our body goals. These may help in getting results but they are not long lasting. The weight loss will not only stop after a point but will also take a toll on our health if crash diet. A balanced diet and a good exercise routine is the only and sure shot way to long-term health and fitness. The first thing that we must adapt to is eating healthy and on time.

Go on a fitness camp trip

The fitness camps are created and held for a simple motive and that is to change the lifestyle and make it a healthy one. The guests are invited to stay in the camp for about a week or two. During the fitness camp duration, they are asked to leave all their gadgets behind and lead an all natural life away from the gadgets and junk food. The next step is to get people to move and workout. The various workout programs include gym, yoga, free hand exercises, zumba and other exercise forms. These are to develop one’s hobby of daily workout. People are free to choose their favorite exercise routines depending on their interest.

Learn the art of eating right

It is an art to choose and prepare foods that our body needs. Given the amount of junk food we consume in a day, we need to bring the healthy change. The camp trainers make sure that the members eat the right food and bring the change.

Go for a fitness holiday in Thailand for rejuvenation and lifestyle change.

Top Yoga Retreats in Thailand

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Yoga is something that purifies our mind and soul. If you have been stressed out due to work or just not feeling the groove of life, then Thailand is the place to be it. Whether you are living in Thailand or just visiting on vacation, you must indulge yourself in the classic yoga retreats.

Here are some of the top yoga retreats to visit at least once in a life time:

Absolute Sanctuary Yoga

If you have just started to look into yoga and you are a first timer then the Absolute Sanctuary Yoga is perfect for you. It’s designed specifically for beginners who want to unveil the power of yoga. However, it also offers other programs for trained or experienced yogis.

Kamalaya Yoga Synergy

This program is based upon your individual goals and skills. Based on the yoga and Ayurveda retreat, this specific retreat caters to your needs whether you’re an expert or a beginner. If requires you to maintain your health first and then work on the areas that you desire to be improved.

ChivaSom Yoga for Life

These are more focused towards giving individual classes that further push you into improving your group yoga. With yoga, spa, meditation, Ayurveda or pranayama the ChivaSOm Yoga Life will improve your individuality.

Are you looking for a Fitness Holiday Thailand wide? Soneva Kiri Discover Yoga, Samahita Yoga & Fitness and Point Yamu Yoga, Pilates & Spa are some of the popular yoga retreats present in Thailand. We would suggest that you go with one of the six mentioned above.

Muay Thai Sparring Tips For Beginners

Muay Thai is also known as kickboxing and it is becoming one of the most common martial arts. People from different corners of the world go to Thailand to learn this art.

Below are a few tips for beginners which can help them in mastering this unique technique of sparing used in Muay Thai fitness:


1. Stick to instructions

Professionals recommend that you should do sparring at a slow speed as recommended. Your main aim is to practice and master the technique rather than defeating your partner.

2. Plan your moves

It is not necessary to have a detailed plan but you should have a general plan. You should have a few goals when starting your classes. You should list down the skills and techniques you want to work on. You should focus on learning some combination moves. Although it is not necessary that you do combos every time but they are easier to perform in real matches.

3. Use combos

According to professionals you should not be afraid of using combos when sparring. It is a good thing to mix up a few techniques martial arts like Muay.

4. Work on timing

You should work on the timing rather than just kicking your opponent. In this way you can miss your opponent or may not be able to hit well. It is better to attack at the right time. This way you have more chances of winning the game.

These are some of the tips that can help you in master the technique of sparring in Muay. 

3 Ways To Exercise With Your Pet

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If you are someone who usually has a very busy schedule you may find it hard to take out time to work out. Now you can do both together in three simple ways mentioned below.

1. Dog walks

Going on a walk or run is a good way to stay in shape. A good idea would be to take your pet along. If you have a dog you may find it fun to do as well. Instead of leading the way yourself, allow your dog to lead and follow it. You can have a bit of adventure if you do not know where your dog is taking you. Furthermore, you can even run with your dog. It is a great way to build stamina and muscle strength.

2. Play fetch

It does not have to be your pet running after a Frisbee and you just standing there waiting for it. You can do some useful exercise at the same time such as squats or lunges. It can be a great physical activity for both you and your pet at the same time.

3. Tug of war

It is a fun game to play with your pet specially your pet dog. You may not only enjoy spending more time with your pet, but may also build up upper body strength in the process. You can also visit a good fitness training camp in Thailand with your pet and do many more of such activities together.

So the next time you are planning to work out, bring your pet along.

Transform your body like never before

‘Weight loss’ and ‘dieting’ are the two most commonly heard terms especially in the urban places. We are getting very obsessed with the entire idea of losing weight and getting the right shape. Though, it is a very good thing to be concerned about weight and health. But, many of us just try things without knowing the consequences of it. All the efforts go in vain if we do things in the wrong, the first thing to know is the right way of losing weight and getting in the right shape. The correct way of dong things will always yield positive and long lasting results.

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Choose the right kind of diet

Diet is the most important factor that either adds or aids in weight loss. So, one must know what are the good things that they must eat on a daily basis. Junk is a big no-no for all those who are trying to lose weight. Green vegetables, fruits and nuts are the most vita elements of a good diet. A good diet will not only keep one full and energetic, it will also bring great weight loss results that have been desired.

Join some fitness club

Exercise is undoubtedly the best way to get rid of fat and to also be in the right shape. It is also keeps the heart healthy. So, a daily routine of exercise is the fitness mantra we all must follow.

Go for a relaxing and effective fitness holiday in Thailand. It will change the way you look at fitness!