Foods Your Dog MUST Avoid

You may have seen many articles on the best and healthiest diet for your dog, but what foods should your dog not eat and what will help your dog’s health in the short and long term.

There are many different cases to look at when defining bad foods for dogs but there are guidelines that can be followed to prevent dog pests, dog diarrhea, and many other illnesses that can affect your dog. Routing through trash is another bad idea for your dog and if you discover this is a problem then it should be strictly disciplined.

So what should you avoid to maintain your dog’s immune system and keep their digestive system intact? Here are some bad ideas and health effecting foods that may harm your dog’s health if you’re not careful. Please note that some dog food quality standards may have changed since the writing of this article.

Processed foods

These canned processed foods are nothing but bad news for your dog, after all the processing they are left with not much nutrients for your dog, the quality of meat is poor and other chemicals used in this food make for a bad dog diet and although some rare cases may exist it is generally best avoided.

Chicken Bones

Chicken bones, although you may suspect that it is ok to feed you dog on these leftover bits of meat can be harmful to your dog and when your dog chews the bone it can break and cause a choking hazard and mouth damage.


Chocolate contains caffeine which is considered bad for your dog’s nervous system and heart. And also contains sugar and sweetness that is not good for your dog.

Other Bad Foods

Citrus oil extracts, grapes and raisins, rotten foods and mushrooms amongst others. Be sure to check labels and research anything you are thinking of feeding your dog before hand. For a comprehensive list of foods your dog should avoid, check out this article at

Things to consider When Looking for Dog Clippers

Pets are an important part of your home. We should take care of our pets since they need some maintenance too. One of the ways to care for your pets is by grooming them (see our tutorial on how to do this). In no time, your pets will have to be trimmed of their dense fur. To shave your dogs, you will want dog clippers that are high quality. On the other hand, the type of clipper you need depends upon your pet's fur.

The hair of your dog should be something you recognize how to handle. Some clippers do the job just for a few types of fur. You can use the right kind of clipper for your dog’s fur by asking your vet. You risk damage on your clipper’s blades and motor if you use it on a different kind of fur it isn't meant for. Clippers will last long if the required specifications are followed.

The features of a product adds to its quality, too. There are dog clippers available that have special functions. Some functions are speed, blades, motor, power sources among others. You will see clippers with cords and there are those without cords that enable easy controlling while in use. Other clippers have blades that you could interchange. If you opt for this kind, make sure the blades are good quality and spares can be bought individually.

If the clipper has more features, its price is likely to be higher. The best features are not always guaranteed by choosing expensive dog clippers. There are less expensive ones which are of top quality. Shelling a large sum of money for a top quality product is not required. Don't restrict your search due to irrelavent features.

Using dog clippers intended for your dogs is crucial when grooming and giving them a fresh new look. Since human clippers can't manage heavy-duty trims, it should not be used on dogs with dense fur. Ensure that you and your pets are using safe products. I'd love to hear your feedback over at

Ways on how to utilize Dog Nail Clipper Properly

Human toenails and a dog’s nails must be cut to preserve its good shape every few weeks. When you can hear your dog’s toe nail clicking on the hardwood floor then they are too long and should be cut. There are pet owners who steer clear of grooming their dog’s nails because they will probably injure its feet. There are strategies to heal your pet's claws to their normal condition.

Finding the best dog nail clipper to use is the very first thing you have to do (see this guide on how to do this). Dog nail clippers are offered in different types; you can use guillotine-style for small breeds, pliers-style for larger breeds, and the scissors-type for nails with little coverage. Prepare a styptic powder as you need to use it when you cut your dog’s nails too short. Additionally, having a veterinarian or dog groomer to demonstrate how to trim nails first is a better perception.

Right after finding the best dog nail clipper, knowing the proper time to do the clipping is the next step you will perform. Trimming your dog’s nails is best to do while they are relaxing and resting in a place they find comfortable Right after meals and playing are the favored time for cutting. You may also do it right after your dog’s bath as the nails will be softer and much easier to cut. Last but not least, let your dog feel at ease with you by slowly rubbing his feet. Hold his feet and begin touching the dog nail clipper on his nails.

Don’t think twice to do other actions if you still find it tough to cut the nails of your dog. You could also offer treats as a reward right after the clipping. It is not advisable to cut the nails of your dog too short. It is not easy to cut your dog’s nails but you can consider it as your bonding time. Head over to to understand all you should know on the subject of dog nail clippers and pet claw clipping.

How Dog Nail Clipper must be Used

Similar to human toenails need maintenance so do your dog’s fingernails every few weeks. Dog’s finger nails make clicking sounds on the floor when they are very long, thus clipping them is required. Grooming a dog’s nails cannot be done by uneducated dog owners simply because they don’t understand how to accomplish it appropriately, which will result in injury in the dog’s feet. Your dog's toenails will appear amazing by applying the methods concerning how to do it effectively.

Finding the right dog nail clipper to use is the first thing you must do (see our review of the best ones). Dog nail clippers are available in various types as dogs’ nails are different as well such as guillotine-style for small breeds, pliers-style for the larger breeds as well as scissors-type for little breadth nails. If you happen to trim your dog’s nails too short, a styptic powder should be used, which is among the supplementary supplies you need to prepare. It is a great idea to have a veterinarian or dog groomer demonstrating the correct ways to trim a dog’s nails.

After finding the right dog nail clipper, knowing the proper time to do the clipping is the next action you will do. Your dog’s nails are best to cut when they're relaxing and resting. Most favorable time would be after having a meal or after a play. You may also trim your dog’s nails after they have taken a bath simply because they have softer nails. Your dog will feel relaxed if you gently rub its feet. Be sure to hold your dog’s feet while the dog nail clipper is touching his nails.

Try to look for other ways if you're having a difficult time trimming your dog’s nails. You could also offer treats as a reward after the clipping. Trimming your dog’s nails too short is not a great idea. Among the best ways to bond with your dog is thru trimming his nails even if it is hard to do. I'd love to hear your opinion over at

Where to Get the ideal Dog Clippers

Pets are an important part of your home. We should take care of our pets. A good way to take care of your pets is as simple as grooming it. There are situations when our furry pets require trimming for their hair to not grow too much. You need to use high quality dog clippers for your dogs. Keep in mind that you need to buy a clipper that is ideal for your dog’s fur (consult this guide to be sure).

The hair of your dog should be something you learn how to cope with. In terms of denser coats, some clippers will not be sufficient. You could consult your vet to utilize the ideal style of clipper for your dog’s fur. If you purchase one that's unfit for heavy-duty clipping, you could damage your clipper. Make sure you read the directions of the product before use or purchase.

You also have to take into account the features a dog clipper comes with. You will find dog clippers with added designs. Some of these functions are speed, blades, motor, power sources among others. There are clippers with a cord and others that don’t have it, making it easy for the user to move it. If you want to keep using your clippers but the blades are no longer sharp, you may go for one with cross-compatible blades. Its spare blades should be available in many stores so you don’t end up looking high and low for them.

The cost is much higher when there are more additional functions. Still, you shouldn't judge the dog clippers based on their added features because some of them are not the best. You can find high quality dog clippers without spending much. Remember, you do not need to spend much money for a high quality product. You just need to be careful when you are searching.

When clipping dogs, use dog clippers that are intended for them. Human clippers aren't designed for heavy-duty work such as a dog’s dense fur. You should purchase items that will not harm you and your pets also. The information found in this blog post and more can be found over at