Policies for Disruptive Physicians at Workplace

Disruptive behavior by members of the medical team, or refusal to collaborate with the processes described in this Policy, may cause corrective actions according to the Medical Staff Bylaws.

This policy will not preclude the use of required activities to ensure a safe working environment or to prevent unlawful behavior. You can visit https://www.thedisruptivephysician.com/report-unsafe-working-conditions/ to know unsafe work environment policies.


It’s the anticipation of the medical team that its members act in a considerate, professional and cooperative manner. Disruptive behavior is defined in coverage as follows:

Any behavior or behavior by a person from the business which demeans, intimidates, frightens or threatens a targeted person or group which could be perceived as a reasonable individual.

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Listed below are cases of disruptive behavior:

  • Behavior that’s degrading or racially/ethnically/religiously slurring in any professional setting
  • Participates in a rude, insolent, demeaning or disrespectful manner
  • Uncooperative approaches, condescending voice or language intonation, impatience with queries
  • Deficiency of collaboration or unavailability to additional staff members for an exchange of pertinent patient data or resolution of individual care problems
  • Sexual or other types of harassment such as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a character
  • Intentional disruption of SBUH division or committee meetings or actions
  • Inappropriate entries in patient medical records that have the main purpose or consequence of concealing or belittling other suppliers, imputing incompetence of additional suppliers, or impugning the quality of maintenance of additional suppliers