The Science of Customer Satisfaction

Together with the economic recession that followed the 2009 banking disasters, the focus has shifted towards cost reduction, growth, and profitability. Your client base offers the very best source of new and repeat company representing the lowest price of purchase you can imagine.

Client Satisfaction is unquestionably a science and very different to soft skills such as People Skills. Most firms or companies attempt to prepare procedures, customer charters, client support sections, etc. to guarantee customer retention and satisfaction.

The science of Consumer Satisfaction relies on a simple equation:

Client Satisfaction = Supplier Performance – Client Expectations

This is fundamental math at work here though this formulation hides two important secrets.

Primarily that client satisfaction is pre-built on your product or service since it’s founded on Client Expectations. You can also click online websites if you are interested in net promoter score software.

Because your company by the merit of its marketing activities, promotion terminology, routes to market, pricing, etc. leads a very clear and unmistakable signal to the prospective clients, it’s you that places the expectations.

Second, you select your clients by the merit of how you target a particular market segment. If your company doesn’t have a well-defined section, then you’re in the serious problem not least to be not able to hone in on your client’s expectations.