Creating Successful Website Design

Information about Target Audience 

and Its Role in Creating Successful Website Design

toronto web design companyDesigning a site which provides optimum viewing experience as well as all the necessary features and functionality can be really challenging. But things can become a lot easier for designers if information about your target audience is available to them. Our aim here will be to look at some of the details about target audience your designer should gather before starting design work for your site.

Target Audience and Its Importance in Website Designing

Few of the aspects which designers should know about at the time of creating your site include demographic data, content information and technical details.

Demographic Data

For creating a successful website Toronto web design company needs to take into consideration demographic information and use it in their design. Such demographic information would consist of details such as:

  • What is the gender composition of your audience? – It is important to know whether your target audience would primarily consist of females, males or a combination of both. Such information effects color selection for the site since women and men react quite differently to specific colors. In addition to it, different colors stand for different things depending upon visitor's age group, social or ethnic affinity.
  • What is their age group? – Normally people of certain age groups are more web and computer savvy as compared to others. The expectations regarding functionality available on your site also varies depending upon age group a user falls in. Thus, designers need to include features and functionality based upon age group of your target audience. 

Content Information

Let us look at the type of content information designers need to keep note of.

  • What is the purpose for which users are visiting your site? – Different websites serve different purposes and people visit the site looking to perform some specific action. By having knowledge of what your target audience is looking for designers will certainly be able to emphasize important content and structure it in proper manner.
  • Why visitors would come back? – If you are going to provide some incentives for which users will return to your site then you need to inform your Toronto web design company about it. By having knowledge of these details designers will be able to properly highlight them on the site.

Technical Details

Technical information can be helpful for designers in including or excluding aspects and functionality according to customer base you are targeting. Some of the technical details designers should know about include:

  • Which browsers visitors commonly use? – Designers need to know which browser users are using. Such information is available in case of site redesign work and helps in tweaking the site design to make sure site works properly in browsers that most of your visitors use. In case of new site design, if your visitors comprise mostly of people under the age of 40 then taking into account all the modern browsers would be sufficient. However, if the website will be focusing on senior people then it might become necessary to take into account other browsers such as Internet Explorer.
  • What screen resolution do visitors use? – Similar to information about type of browser being used, details about screen resolution can help designers create a website design which will be clearly visible in resolution your customers use.

A Final Note

As we can see having knowledge of your target audience can be certainly helpful for designers in creating a website which will be user friendly and have all the required features.