How to Print on Lanyards?


The popularity of lanyards has grown on a wider scale. Lanyards have been used in various events, business promotions, and non-profit organizations. But have you ever thought the process that goes behind printing on a lanyard? Then these are a few methods that can teach you the procedure of printing on lanyard.

1. Silkscreen Method – This method is used to print logos on custom lanyard made of any material. The procedure is relatively simple.

  1. First, the print is made on a mesh screen and then the ink is forced to pass through the fabric of the lanyard.
  2. This allows the image to be burned on the silk screen.
  3. Afterwards, with the help of a blade, the ink is forced to pass through the holes. This method is time-consuming but it provides quality and durable custom-made lanyards.

2. Woven Logo Method – This method involves stitching of 2 different yard colors to make one superior lanyard. The end product provides a strong and rigid lanyard suitable for businesses.

3. Dye-Sublimation Method – Compared to silkscreen method, this method is easier and faster. It involves the use of digital printing method for multi-colored designs. With the help of a computer printer, it transfers the custom image on to any material of the lanyard using heat and pressure. This method is ideal for those looking for glossy finish lanyards.

Conference lanyards can also be made with a few designs using any on the methods mentioned above.

6 Unique Uses for Lanyards

Whenever we think about Lanyards only two things pop in our minds, the ID card carry cords and the worker carrying lanyards that provide fall protective for workers working from a height. However, we are here today to talk about some of the most unique ways in which lanyards are used.


Here are some of the following:

Key Holders

Do you lose your keys regularly? Well we think it is about time that you use a lanyard for holding it together around your neck. Already have one? No problem, get a clip that will help you attach your key onto it as well.

Pen Holders

Just like a key, pens often put you under stress for going missing at the wrong time. Lanyards do the rescue, attach your pen to it and you are good to go. Worried about removing the pen again and again from the lanyard? Don’t be, but the attachment that allows you to increase the proximity of your lanyard while being intact.

Compass Holder

If you love travelling and hiking then you must know the importance of a compass. It is something that you will need on your trip time and again and you don’t want to lose it. Hold your compass with the lanyard so you don’t have to dig into your bag and waste couple of minutes of your precious time. You can also use a lanyard for important documents, maps or other things that you might need instantly.

These were all the unique ways in which lanyards are being used currently.