Why Your Body Doesnt Burn Fat?

Working out without losing weight can be frustrating, to say the least. Those who have tried to lose weight before can attest that not all exercises translate to reduced body weight. Such a situation can occur when your body does not burn fat as anticipated due to some of the reasons we are going to see in this article.


High levels of stress prompt your body to produce a ‘stress hormone' known as cortisol. While this hormone is essential to the body, too much of it can cause fat to build up thus slowing the rate at which fat burns regardless of your working out.

Insufficient intake of protein

According to Brian Flatt in his 3 week diet manual free download, consuming proteins help release glucagon, a hormone that stimulates burning of fats by releasing stored fats.

Drinking too much Alcohol and sugary beverages

Alcoholic beverages are known to have high levels of calories which only make your war against loose of fats harder. Other than alcohol, high intake of beverages such as coffee, tea or even milk adds up to the calories in your body.

Taking the wrong pieces of training

This is especially common with beginners who might take it too hard to the point of stressing up and as a result, lead to building up of cortisol which makes it hard to achieve your fat loss goals.