Herniated Disc Treatment And Therapy

Human being spine or backbone contains 33 bones, known as vertebrae. These vertebrae discs comprise of a gel-like inner layer called center pulpous and an outer layer called annulus fibrosis. These discs protect the spine from almost any injury or stress. Vertebral discs also assist in the bending movements of the spine.

Whiplash term is used for neck injuries that occur from sudden strong movement. This usually occurs if a person has met with a vehicle accident, but physical abuse may also be a cause. Women are definitely more prone to suffer from these as compared with men, as their neck muscles are more sensitive. The injuries vary from being mild to severe, and the therapy depends after the severity of the condition. More than fifty percent cases experience this pain, even months after the injury. The pain becomes chronic and can reach up to sore joints, ligaments, and devices of the neck and back. Symptoms Pain and stiffness in the neck: The pain is even felt when there is no movements and it is irritated during movement where many patients tend to limit their neck movements along with increased tightness in the neck. The treatment for whiplash personal injury is not standard and varies from patient to patient, depending on various factors such as intensity of the symptoms, magnitude of pain and destruction, and so forth. The first and foremost step in the therapy and restoration from the injury is patient education. Whiplash treatment Oakland Park provides the first range of treatment that can definitely help to reduce the various problems of neck. Now there are two motives in back of this - firstly, to speed up recovery and secondly, to prevent any additional stress on the neck muscles, which may further irritate the pain and rigidity in the neck.

If the spinal disc degenerates due to aging or any injury, the soft inner layer may break and herniate. This can cause irritation of the spinal nerve, leading to pain, weakness and numbness in the lower back, arm, and leg.


Herniated compact disk when associated with wear and tear due to aging is known as degenerative disc disease. Because the water content and elasticity of the center of the disc reduce with increasing age, people between the age of 30 and 50 are at higher risk of developing a herniated disk. Therefore, Herniated Disc Treatment is important to get relief from this pain.

Herniated Disc Treatment

Treatment for herniated disc is decided depending after the severity of the symptoms. There are surgical as well as non-surgical options. Non-surgical methods include pain relievers, anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, hydrotherapy, electrical excitement, cold therapy, heat remedy, bracing, traction, and stretches. You can also get benefit from certain exercises like dynamic lumbar stabilizing exercises and cardio with painless activities. In certain severe situations, surgical options such as minimally invasive decompression techniques are recommended.