Measuring For Curtains and Blinds

When measuring for a tracking measure the outside width and depth of the window recess. The window will look taller if the track is positioned one inch above the window frame. Likewise, the window will look wider if the track runs slightly beyond the outside width of the window. To know more about panel blinds Sydney, via .


Measuring for curtains

With regard to curtains look at what you are trying to achieve. Is it insulation, control of light, camouflaging an ugly view, privacy or simply decoration? If you have a stunning view through the window – emphasize this by dressing the window appropriately to the size of the room.

Measuring for Blinds

When measuring for blinds you will need to take into account whether you want the blind to fit inside or outside the window recess. If it is inside, measure the width and length of the recess.

If the blind will be fitted on the outside of the window recess measure the window recess and allow at least 3 inches on the width and length so that the blind isn't sitting half in and half out of the window. Austrian blinds are of a very fussy design with deep swags and frilled edges. Festoon blinds are made from lightweight fabric which is purely for show.

Roller blinds are a very simple design made from stiffened fabric attached to a spring loaded roller. Roman blinds are made from closely woven fabric either folding by itself or with slats of wood to create a more defined fold.

Rollers Shades – A Mix of Stylish and Practical

One of the real challenges to completing all the interior design elements starts and begins with window treatments. There are an incredible number of styles of window coverings from which to choose, making the process potentially all the more overwhelming. To know more about panel blinds online, you can go through the web.

From curtains to shutters to blinds and every variation imaginable, you could look endlessly for solutions. However, for the homeowner or designer that leans toward the easy and practical, you can't go wrong with the roller shade as your window treatment of choice.


And, the roller shade shouldn't get short shrift in the category of design either. No longer are varieties of design held within the constraints of a bland canvas on a cumbersome and unpredictable roller.

Now, both the appearance and the functional mechanism have been enhanced to the point that these window treatments are practical and attractive. Gorgeous fabrics and weaves combined with an exciting array of colors have won over professional interior decorators in droves.

If flowing elegant folds of fabric is still your thing, you can use these as decorative treatments in addition to your choice of the roller shade as your principal window covering. You can work decorative magic and retain all the practical features of an easy to open and easy to close roller shade. In a modern setting especially, this easy and practical treatment has become a real mainstay.