Why Are Rainforests Being Destroyed?


Every year, a massive land of rainforest is cut down and destroyed. This affects the plants and animals that used to live there. The plants and animals either die or have to find another rainforest for their survival. So, the question is why are they destroyed? The answer is simple – we humans. We look at some of the reasons.

1. Wood – Trees are cut down to get wood. This wood is later used for timberand fire making.

2. Agriculture – Either small or large, agriculture is known to be the biggest cause of rainforest being destroyed. This leads to deforestation at a later stage.

3. Paper – More trees are cut down to make paper. Bamboos are the real victims getting slashed every year.

4. Land – Poor farmers who cannot afford to live in rural areas require some space to live. That’s why large land areas are provided for them to live.

5. Other Purpose – Mining of natural resources such as minerals and energy are found beneath the soil.

6. Construction – Large forest areas are getting cut down for construction of roads and rail lines for commuting purpose.

7. Climate Change – Change in climate is also threatening the rainforest. This causes droughts. Drought leads to rivers drying up, communities getting isolated, and irresponsible people burning large portion of rainforest areas.

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