How Much Does It Cost to Have an Invisible Pet Fence Installed?

If you are a very busy person and find it difficult to have the time to walk your dog everyday, you can feel very guilty because you know your pet is not getting the outdoor time they really need. Nothing makes most dogs happier than being able to get out into their own yard and run around free! People may not realize it, but for some dogs, being cooped up inside all of the time can be very depressing for them. Dogs need sunshine, fresh air and freedom just like we do.

If you really love and cherish your dog and you don't have a fenced yard, a great option to consider is an invisible fence. There are several different items that must be purchased besides the fence, like the collar and batteries and of course the installation. In fact, installation of the fence can be what costs you the most. It can range from a few hundred dollars and up. It's up to you to decide how big of an area you want your dog to have to roam in.

One thing is for sure, with an invisible fence, your dog will finally get the outdoor freedom they crave and it will alleviate you from the guilt of not being able to take them out often enough! I faced this same issue with my two dogs until I stumbled across the Doggy Bakery website. I had not even been searching for an invisible fence at the time, but once I read about all of the options available, it made up my mind to get one. Now my dogs are very happy and I am happy. The invisible fence in my yard has been the best gift I have ever given my pets and myself.

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