Natural Weight Loss – Sometimes it’s just the Obvious

Eating Slowly

Having visited South East Asia on many occasions and seen how food is more of a get together to enjoy and talk, and eat smaller portions of food regularly throughout the day, it's easy to see where we go wrong. 

Eating small portions regularly stimulates the digestive system ensuring it works continuously throughout the day, this burns fat on a continual basis, plus they take their time to eat.  It's easy to see where we go wrong. Click here for the best weight loss Adelaide advice. 

In the West, for many work comes first, subsequently not only do we eat oversised portions in a matter of minutes, in doing so we also fill ourselves to full capacity. 

Slowing down will support your digestion and allows our gut to communicate with our brain to regulate our appetite.  You should really only eat to 80 per cent capacity of your stomach.

Eat Real Food

The food industry has picked up on the fact that this generation is more health conscious than ever before and in our desire to lose weight have come out with some very interesting diet fads. Shelves are now stacked with low-fat foods, with artificial sweeteners and zero or reduced calorie items. However low-calorie, highly processed foods in no way help us to lose weight, this is somewhat of a smoke screen and outdated information. These are categorised as poor quality foods; they do not sustain our hunger, so we end up eating more.  The gut and the brain communicate and realise we are nutrient deprived and the brain signals to eat more.  This is where we delve into potato chips or biscuits and soda's, but again these do not sustain us.  

If we reached for organic nutrient full foods, the body would get the nourishment it requires, and our hunger would be sedated. 

Combining the right foods throughout the day that give your body what it needs, and taking your time to eat will have more benefit to weight loss than a 45 minute run on a treadmill and then eating a huge evening meal in one sitting in less than fifteen minutes. 

Think about the basics first and weight loss will happen naturally.

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