Shopping On Your Madrid Vacation

As one of those trend hubs of the planet, it’s not surprising that Madrid is also famous for its outstanding shopping. Here you’ll see innovative layouts, exquisite traditional crafts, modern furniture, decorative items, stylish jewelry, and shoes.

Madrid is a city for shoppers and provides up its one of a kind presents to people who know where to search. While in Madrid, these are musts for any serious shopper:

El Corte Inglés Castellana Shoes Handbags Watches Jewelry Beauty Madrid

Madrid is quickly turning into a premier town for fashionistas and designers, and that’s reflected from the purchasing choices. You can do the best shopping in Madrid as all the top branded clothing stores are here.

In the opposite extreme is your superb flea market, El Rastro. Starting in the Plaza de Cascorro, sellers line the roads on Sunday mornings, selling everything from antiques, leather products, imported things, and fabrics to clothes, memorabilia, and paintings.

A middle ground is located at the Goya and Salamanca region, where upscale boutiques co-exist with style outlets.

Many shoppers flock into the Castellana region, in addition to Arguelles and Princesa, in which they will discover malls, department stores, fashion shops, accessory shops, and cinemas.

Madrid shoppers understand, also, the very best time of year to splurge. Large yearly earnings are stored in both summer and winter.

The months of January and February, and July and August let shoppers find excellent deals on shoes and clothing. Imagine walking off with a set of leather shoes for under half price. It’s any shopper’s fantasy!

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