Factors in selecting the right UPS system

Building construction projects are diverse in the number of areas that need professional consideration. Whether it be new construction or re-developing an existing project, inside the four walls of the building, power is at the very top of the list. Power outages are not an option for applications and hardware. Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) coupled with on-site backup generators can ensure constant uptime to avoid critical issues,

UPS Products can vary in many ways, to ensure that you choose the correct equipment for your applications, consider these factors during the selection process.


Conventional battery-based UPS systems use valve-regulated (VRLA) batteries. Your use time is four to eight years for replacement, and the batteries need maintaining quarterly.

Upon any failure occurring and an after investigation, human error is the usual culprit on the majority of site failures due to maintenance work and the lifespan being vague.

Alternatively, flywheel UPS uses kinetic energy to provide short-term power, is a viable alternative to conventional battery energy storage, requiring near-to-no maintenance and comes with no replacement cycles compared to battery-based options.

Cost of Ownership

While system performance, reliability, maintenance and runtime, are important factors, many purchasing decisions ultimately come down to finances.

How much is this going to cost?

Selecting a UPS with the lowest initial cost is not always the best long-term solution for the business. A conventional battery-based UPS systems require frequent maintenance, also bringing human interaction with the system on a more regular basis with battery replacement cycles. Building space and required building temperatures can contribute to higher costs in the long run.

Flywheel UPS solutions offer higher operating efficiencies at a lower cost of ownership. Providing lower maintenance and cooling requirements, and no need for battery replacement. In addition to this, these units take up much less floor space as they do not have battery cabinets.

In finding the right UPS, it's important to do your homework and ask questions, go to blogs and look for recommendations. During this process take a look at Eaton Australia. Take your time in determining what is best for your facility as this is a long-term commitment.

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