Soy Container Candles – Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly what is a soy container candlestick?

Soy wax box candles are produced from an all natural product, hydrogenated soybean engine oil. The hydrogenation process allows the natural oils to solidify at room temperatures. You can get information about the Soy wax candles via

What’s soy container polish?

Soy container polish is manufactured out of soy bean engine oil. Soy bean petrol is extracted from soy coffee beans that are in the beginning cleaned out, de-hulled and changed into flakes. Most soy coffee beans used to create soy polish are gathered from america throughout the Midwest area of the country.

Can soy pillar candle lights be produced with soy box wax?

Soy polish used to put container candle lights has a lesser melting point (115-125 levels) and can’t be used to make free position candles. Chemicals and other waxes may be put into the soy for pillar processing.

What exactly are the characteristics of the container candle made out of soy wax?

The polish is opaque and creamy in character. These features make a lovely finished candle. Candlestick dye may be put into achieve a pastel colours. Tinting to a dark hue is challenging due to huge amounts of dye required.

So how exactly does a soy pot candle burn?

Soy candle lights that are made with the right size wick, should burn up from border to edge without waxy residue still left on the factors of the box. When burning, you will observe that the melted polish pool will be just a bit deeper when compared with a paraffin candlestick. Expect a melt pool of at least 1/4″ to 1/2″ profound. The melt pool is the discharge point for the perfume.

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