Group Tours Vs The Independent Traveller

If you’re traveling solo and are not savvy or confident with travel then group tours are a great option.

First of all you will be traveling with a whole bunch of like-minded people so it won’t even feel like you’re alone plus you will have the local expertise of your guide who will know where to eat, where to go out and in general what there is to do in the city. If you want to know more about traveling tours then you can pop over to

Group tours are not just for solo travelers, they are also for people who want to learn all about the history and culture of a country or region.

One thing you may want to watch out for is whether or not the tour is ‘guaranteed’. This means that regardless of the number of people on the tour they will be going ahead with the tour whereas if it is not a ‘guaranteed tour’ If the tour doesn’t fill up the seats the tour company may cancel, so do ask about the guaranteed options when trying to book.

Group tours do go from city to city almost daily and while they do they give you ‘free time’ along the way it is still fairly fast-paced meaning that you will need to pack and unpack at each stop.

These tours also vary in length but are generally no more than a few weeks at the most which means you will most likely be traveling independently at some point.

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