Explosion-Proof Light-The Know How

With the fast development of the oil and chemical industries, lighting has a broad usage in the fields such as manufacturing, storage, and saves. How to avoid an explosion in certain places where there’s full of volatile gas is an important item.

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Because of this spark resulting from the light is unavoidable, once it’s mixed with the volatile gas in the working place, the outcome is unthinkable. It can cause great loss of individuals and property of the nation. Therefore, the explosion-proof technology in the light was put great attention.

The explosion-proof light, or the mine luminary, which may be used from the mines or some hazardous work areas, features energy efficiency and meets increasing safety conditions due to the special design. Different from the common incandescent lamp, the luminary light of the explosion-proof lighting has to be life-long and bright enough.

Thus, the short-life and low-efficient incandescent lamps have been substituted by the high efficient high heeled mercury lamp or the high heeled sodium lamp that’s much brighter and low power dissipation.

The commonly used and the most popular form is the explosion-proof type. Because the entire body of the light is constructed of metal that’s highly heat shrinkable and of excellent durability, it is of great popularity among consumers. Moreover, most parts of the light are explosion-proof, too.

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