The Fallacy Of Women’s Self Defense

There are lots of people who say girls learn self-defense much better in a completely women-only atmosphere. The so-called “experts” say it’s less intimidating if girls do not need to contend with the guys, or, it’s simpler (more comfortable) to talk about topics like rape with no men present. So, the newest fad in self-indulgent applications is “Women’s Self Defense” classes.

A variety of companies offers insurance for self-security, for people who legally carry firearms as well as their families, such as defense against civil liability, the price to defend against criminal and civil legal actions and instant accessibility to lawyer referrals.

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There’s not anything more confidence-shattering compared to invest time learning all of the techniques and beginning to feel great about yourself, just to have the bubble burst very first time you test out your newfound abilities. Women then start to believe there’s not anything they can do to protect themselves if they cannot even make it work against somebody who doesn’t really want to hurt them.

Why “Women’s Self Defense” Programs Do Not Work!

The majority of the men and women who take my self-indulgent classes are girls. At times, I have a course that’s all girls. But that’s a coincidence, not layout. Girls who register for my courses understand that there might be both women and men from the course.

The point is, if a lady is indeed intimidated by guys, she won’t even take a self-indulgent class with guys, she’ll never survive an assault by a guy. Why? Since “intimidation” is only another phrase for fear. Until she can prove to himself that the methods work on a guy, she’s done nothing to help her get over her fear of men.

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