Water Shutoff Valves

Positioners are precision instruments which should be put away and cared for in like manner to maintain a strategic distance from harm or issues. Put away in unique transportation bubbles, components should be put away in an ecologically controlled land, i.e., pristine, trendy (15-26°C, 60-80°F) and dry, out of direct daylight or climate present.

When the air supply to the positioner is connected and turned on, inside air drain is going to continue to keep the entry of dampness and confirm the unit from ingestion. It’s prescribed that the air supply left on by any means occasions.  the steel is the frequent material. The Stainless Steel Flange 10K, PN, ANSI (which is also known as “หน้าแปลนสแตนเลส ” in the Thai language  ) manufactured from stainless steel would be quite popular in many areas as its extended service time.

• If components are introduced quickly, turn, and depart on, the air distribution.

• If positioners have to be put away out, fix all spreads that might have slackened in shipment, make sure all open fenced area passage targets are sealed.

Positioners should be wrapped and fixed air and watertight with desiccant within the plastic, units should be safely secured with an obscure cover rather than introduced to direct daylight, snow or rain.

Units should have all ports fixed and be protected from a direct introduction to climate. For long-haul stockpiling or overseas shipment, units need to be fastened with vinyl and desiccant.

At the point when components are put away in hot, damp atmospheres, the day daily warming/cooling cycle will create air grow/contract and be attracted throughout the positioner lodging. Reliant on the nearby temperature varieties, mugginess and dew targets and time off, buildup could occur and accumulate inside pilot valve bringing on inconsistent disappointment or operation due to erosion and water. The potential for buildup injury is very high in southern atmospheres and bothered if components are introduced to coordinate daylight.

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