Why Homemade Dog Food is Best?

If you’re feeding your dog a diet of everything you think is a top quality commercial dry or canned dog food since it is priced high or tagged “premium”, do not be fooled into thinking it is an excellent diet.

Your dog may be in danger of dying slowly from harmful toxins or by a dietary vitamin deficiency (or perhaps both) because of toxic contents from the food or, just the absence of the necessary nourishing ingredients that your dog needs to thrive and live a long and robust life.

Below are only a couple of important reasons for you to consider…

When you inspect the ingredients your brand comprises, do you understand what each one includes? By way of example, one manufacturer of a costly “organic” pet food lists “organic soybean meal” from the contents of some of the dog foods. Did you know that soybean meal is low-quality protein fiber?  Apart from this, If you want additional information about Bromelain, Animal Feed Enzymes checkout online websites.

Another manufacturer lists among the components in their “Beef Flavored Kibbles” as “animal fat”. Animal fat is extruded in the cells of animals during rendering. This producer’s “animal fat” is maintained with BHA/BHT (see below)…very dangerous and poisonous!

The real “animal fat” origin isn’t recorded and can come from anywhere…diseased or disabled “downer” animals, animals that died before being slaughtered or animals which were euthanized in either vet’s offices or shelters as well as road kill, all picked up and delivered to rendering plants to be ground up and used in our pet’s food…!

About BHA/BHT: Currently banned for use in human consumption as possible human carcinogens BHA/BHT are currently permitted to be used as a preservative in most food in the united states. These components have been proven to be beneficial for animals and if you’re feeding them to your dog, you’re greatly increasing their risk of developing cancer.

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