KVM over IP Remote Access Management

KVM over IP is a hardware-based solution which allows users to gain both in-band And out-of-band access to all the servers either connected to your KVM switch or directly connected to one computer. Late night trips to the data center to reboot one server has become a thing of the Past because of this simple yet powerful hardware element.

 KVM via IP front-end devices like the Raritan Dominion KX101 will link directly to a computer or a KVM switch and enables remote users to gain secure BIOS-level access to manage mission-critical servers. Remote IP management with products such as the Raritan Dominion KX or the Avocent DS Series is conducted through a normal internet browser session. Buy online these switches at a reasonable price on http://www.atennetwork.com/kvm-over-ip-switches.

kvm over ip

Front-end IP products work their magic by allowing remote users to gain whole Keyboard, Video Monitor, Mouse access of the attached computer(s) from any location with internet connectivity.

Raritan’s client software is automatically downloaded from the KX101; eliminating the need to put in “client” software on each user desktop. Moreover, Raritan’s client software supports most major Web browsers such as; Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, and Safari (Macintosh).

Using the Raritan example once more, up to 8 users can remotely access the same server for teamed troubleshooting approach.

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