All About Family Sailing Vacations

The current holiday trend among families would be to go together on a family sailing vacation. The delight of being secluded with the whole family on a single yacht in the middle of the ocean is incomparable with anything else.

And being surrounded by scenic locales is just another added asset. A growing number of families today are going a-sailing together to celebrate occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and family get-togethers.

Families usually prefer lonely cays and beaches for their sailing vacations and avoid crowded waters. Many tourist agencies supply packages for family sailing vacations. The first step is in finding a properly sized yacht or catamaran to accommodate the entire family.

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A big enough yacht may also have rooms or cottages for the people on board. Food and drink is offered on board. There may also be provisions for live music and orchestras if the families so favor. Some sailing vacations also hire emcees who coax the people to dance aboard in the style of cruises.

Families prefer to perform group activities when they are sailing together. Lonely islands are preferred for taking a rest from sailing. They may indulge in beach-combing or even snorkeling and scuba diving if they’re more adventurous. Family meals become a highly celebrated affair with local cuisine and folk dances thrown in.

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