Muay Thai Sparring Tips For Beginners

Muay Thai is also known as kickboxing and it is becoming one of the most common martial arts. People from different corners of the world go to Thailand to learn this art.

Below are a few tips for beginners which can help them in mastering this unique technique of sparing used in Muay Thai fitness:


1. Stick to instructions

Professionals recommend that you should do sparring at a slow speed as recommended. Your main aim is to practice and master the technique rather than defeating your partner.

2. Plan your moves

It is not necessary to have a detailed plan but you should have a general plan. You should have a few goals when starting your classes. You should list down the skills and techniques you want to work on. You should focus on learning some combination moves. Although it is not necessary that you do combos every time but they are easier to perform in real matches.

3. Use combos

According to professionals you should not be afraid of using combos when sparring. It is a good thing to mix up a few techniques martial arts like Muay.

4. Work on timing

You should work on the timing rather than just kicking your opponent. In this way you can miss your opponent or may not be able to hit well. It is better to attack at the right time. This way you have more chances of winning the game.

These are some of the tips that can help you in master the technique of sparring in Muay. 

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