Tips On Applying In A Model Agency

The best modeling agencies have the mysterious habit of working with the best models all the time. Their reputation seemed to draw fresh talent. These models are then groomed to become international stars, but their names will always be associated with the modeling agency that developed and nurtured their talent.

In fact, we get more model applicants than we do junk mail! The truth is however, for all these applicants we likely sign one in every two hundred applicants; that’s 0.5 percent and that’s on a fantastic day. Get the tips on applying to a model agency in Thailand through our agency.

A big problem we have with applicants is that they simply don’t know how to apply to an agency effectively. If you’re serious about modeling you should be serious about submitting your program. The fact of the matter is that a badly submitted application takes longer to read and will most likely be ignored.

As a scout for Sapphires I can tell you from firsthand experience what makes a good application. If you follow the following top ten tips for implementing you’ll save agencies a lot of hassle and time and improve your chances of being considered:

  1. Know Your Industry before you even think about attempting to be a model you need to have at least some idea of what modeling is, and what’s going to be expected of you should you be successful. Modeling is a tough job that requires a whole lot of hard work, commitment and a thick skin, so consider why you want to be a model, and if you have what it takes to succeed. If you are looking for model training program in Thailand, you can go through online websites.

  2. Keep It Simple The only information an agency should know about you is your age, your height and stats, the way to contact you, any relevant experience you may have and of course what you look like. We don’t need to know your GCSE results, hobbies, or what part you played in your primary school nativity. Agencies receive so many programs every day that the information must be right there for us to see when we scan through, not concealed within irrelevant information.

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