Tips For Choosing the Right Method of Pigeon Control

In recent times, Pigeons are described as “Flying Rats”. The problem of their over population is the ample number of nooks and crannies available to them.

These serve as their natural home unit. The question that requires urgent attention is How to Choose the Right Method of Pigeon Control?

The very best method of pigeon control ought to be chosen based on the size of the area that witnesses pigeon encroachment.

For larger areas, you can adopt subsequent pigeon control tips:


Pigeons, like all other pests, require standing water bodies to consume water. In lack of a water body, the likelihood of pigeons making a house reduces largely.  For more additional info about bird, protection checks out

2. Don’t feed the birds:

Therefore, it is a good idea to prevent this practice.

3. Maintain a hygienic environment:

Pigeons are scavengers by nature. Consequently, reduction in the amount of food scraps will prevent them from endangering your area. By exploring you can get a affordable  high speed doors for birds.

4. Nest removal:

Following are some of the most Popular pigeon barriers for protecting smaller regions:

1. Using bait trap:

To entice the pigeons towards the nest, you want to lure the pigeon cage with grains. You need to place a little bit of grain away from the trap. Majority of bait should be held within the pigeon trap. It is a commonly used pigeon control technique.

2. Bird netting or stainless steel wire mesh:

Bird netting may cost you a lot, but it will also offer you with good results.

3. Bird Strips:

4. Bird alarms

Although many people use bird alarms, their efficacy is questionable.

Some chemical methods of pigeon control are also available in the market. These approaches include the following:

1. Pigeon poison:

After the chemical toxin is mixed with the regular feed and dispensed to the pigeons, it evokes a response of fear, thereby causing disruption of the colony and upsetting nesting behavior among pigeons.

2. Pigeon Repellent:

Compounds called Pigeon repellents are effective for pest control in a small place.

Based on your requirement, choose the ideal method of Repellent to get rid of pigeon nuisances.

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