How to Educate a Jack Russell to Sit

.Sit is the most elementary dog control there is and it is probably one of the first things your Jack Russell will know besides its own title. It is among the most useful controls and it is also extremely simple to teach, which makes it an important part of Jack Russell training. If you are looking for more tips about Jacko Russell training you may check here

How to Educate a Jack Russell to Sit 

1. Locate a treat that your dog enjoys. This might be a food deal, or it might be a toy or game. If you intend on using a toy for a reward, bear in mind that this will probably raise the total amount of time spent training, as it takes more time to play a sport than immediately gobble a little bit of dog biscuit.

2. Find a quiet location with no distractions for starters. Have a number of pieces of this deal prepared to go. Just take a little bit of the deal and take it in front of your JRT to receive his attention. Hold it in front of the nose – at this stage he might begin to lick at your fingers. That is fine, but do not give him the cure just yet.

3. Gradually draw up the treat and backward. You should be planning to move it with the imaginary line from the tip of your pet's nose into the center of the brow. As you do that, the dog will obviously begin to move backward, his rear legs will bend as his head tilts upward, and he'll sit.

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