All About The Stereo In Stereo Microscopes

Stereo technology began with a theatrical bang.  In the film business, stereo relates to a 3D vision where audiences have to wear green and red spectacles.  The purpose was to combine different motion picture images into one picture.

It is exactly the same with stereo microscopes, sans the red and green spectacles obviously. The stereo audio was the trend of the 60s.

The technologies permit the creation of three-dimensional audio effects by means of microphones; 2 microphones recorded audio and these were linked to two distinct stations connected loudspeakers. Listening to vinyl records back then, music fans heard sound coming from other directions.


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The microscope delivers a lateral and vertical view of the thing from two corresponding angles and also the eyes sees the thing in 3D.  With stereoscopy attributes, two eyepieces, and two goals, the microscope is the ideal tool for dissecting specimens or inspecting bigger objects, i.e. stone diamonds and minerals.

Stereoscopy gives dissecting convenience.  Dissecting the specimen gets simpler because watching the specimen exactly the same time when dissecting it could be carried out.

Bigger specimens such as rock minerals may also be conveniently seen since there’s more space between the goal and the point.  Customized stereo microscopes may also be acquired from some traders or can be constructed according to particular needs.

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