The importance of the first customer

In the business world, the first customer is more precious than the first dollar and there are tons of reasons behind it. The very first customer is the one who is going to spread the word around his relations that he bought a specific thing from your business. No this word will not stop and will start going around and with passage of time it will further help you get more customers.

Think if your very first customer is a writer then you can have really hit a jackpot if he is impressed by your product or service. Think if he runs a blog or a website and he found your product of great value then he will definitely include reviews of your product on his/her site. Let me share a quick example with you. The founder of has the habit of sharing reviews of his brand on other websites and this helps him drive tons of sales every month.

The fan following of the writer is going to make your business get a big group of customers in the near possible future. As people believe every word of the person they are fan of so they will definitely give your product or service a try and if they also like it they will leave a positive remark about your business and the process will keep on going till you are present in the market.

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