How To Choose a Cruise

Going on a Cruise can be one of the most fun kinds of vacation to go on and depending on where you are going on your Cruise can also be one of the hardest things to choose. Most often a Caribbean cruise is easy to choose because of the few destinations and the limited number of cruise lines.You can know about Halong Bay Hai long junk via various websites.

The same applies to Hawaiian cruises however they are even more limited as far as the number of cruise lines. I like to concentrate on giving advice on choosing a European cruise focusing on Mediterranean cruises because there are so many cruise companies and cruises to choose from.

I want to start with the number of Cruise lines there are for Mediterranean Cruises. There are 5 major cruise lines that have cruises scheduled for destinations in the Mediterranean sea and at least another 7 regional lines.

The major lines normally have big mega ships and are able to accommodate anywhere from 1500 to 2200 passengers in a wide variety of room sizes and prices. The regional lines normally have smaller ships but can still be up to two-thirds the size of one of the mega ships. Some of the small lines are ultra luxury lines with starting prices in the four to five thousand dollars per person range.

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