Reasons to avoid Smoking Weed

There are many people who are addicted to marijuana smoking. This should be stopped to avoid any type of medical problem or illness. Marijuana should be used in limited amount or dosage after the consultation of the doctor or professional.  Marijuana has many effects on the entire human body. It is also used to treat cancer, HIV and many other diseases. You can learn about marijuana banking through several marijuana companies.

1) Your breathing and the respiratory system – most people realize that smoking pot can employ a fairly negative effect on the respiratory system. Let’s experience facts, you definitely don’t breathe in addition to you would if you didn’t smoke whatsoever. When I initially stopped smoking weed it took about 2-3 weeks to notice a substantial change in the capability of my lungs.

Actually, I actually started out with a wheezy cough and I believe this was a result of the effects of suddenly giving up smoking marijuana after years of smoking. You will typically realize that your lungs may in addition have been burnt from inhaling pot smoke as it is generally too hot to help them to handle. You may also notice that smoking will affect your sinuses generally, and I often received a blocked nose.

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