Different Types of Glass for Glass Showers

When it comes on having a Glass Shower installed inside the bathroom, it is important that the consumer should be familiar with the different types of glass available and to have advisable of some of the countless design possibilities that each one of the glass categories have. A lack of knowledge in this particular subject can result in a wrong decision in design. So it is always preferred that whenever you buy shower doors frameless or framed glass doors know the type of glass that is fitted into it.

This subject would wish its own book as well as magazine to adequately clarify, as of which it isn’t possible to do so on this venue.

First and foremost is Tempered Glass. Clear Tempered Glass would be the most commonly used type of glass with Glass Showers. Yet it could possibly virtually come in any kind of color imaginable. The four thicknesses of Tempered Glass mostly used are 1/4″ – 5/16″ – 3/8″ and 1/2″. Clear or lightly colored glass panels might be frosted for privacy or Etched and in many cases Airbrushed with any custom design. Some people prefer to have Designs Textured in to the Glass by firing it inside Kiln. Most Textured Glass usually also comes in 5/16″ thick.

Secondly is actually Cast Glass. Of the many types of shower glass categories, Cast Glass is quite possibly the most expensive with a truly infinite number of designs are available ranging from color, texture along with the thickness. Cast Glass is quite possibly the most custom of all glass for that wash space.

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