What You Need To Know About Amphitheatres

Amphitheater or amphitheater’s are described as open-air venues that are utilized for the purpose of entertainment, sports and performances. The ancient Roman amphitheaters’ were circular or oval in plan along with seating-tiers around the entire performance area. In contrast the ancient Roman and the ancient Greek theatres were all built in the plan of a semicircle that features tiered seating one one-side of a performance area.

Modern amphitheaters are often used in describing theatre-style stages that feature spectator seating that is positioned on a single side. Natural formations that feature similar shapes go by the name of “natural” amphitheaters’.

Modern Amphitheaters

The Hollywood Bowl in California is a modern type of amphitheater that was designed from a natural, bowl-shaped amphitheater. The structure is known a bandshell. Modern types of amphitheaters’ are curved, semicircular or circular with an acoustically vibrant space for performances, specifically those that are located outdoors.

The contemporary amphitheaters’ will often feature standing structures better known as bandshells that are bowl-shaped or curved behind either the audience or the stage. This area amplifies or echoes sound, which makes an amphitheater the ideal location for theatrical and musical performances. Smaller-scale amphitheaters are often used to host or serve outdoor community performances and somtimes local music groups.

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