3 Questions About Panic and Anxiety Attacks

According to studies, 6.8 Million Americans are currently suffering from Panic and Anxiety Disorder. The more horrible truth behind this statistics is that many of these sufferers are still unfamiliar with the symptoms and signs of the very disorder that plagues them, and how to reduce anxiety . Early diagnosis is almost always the key to answering many of today's detrimental health diseases/disorders.

To help you be more informed about Panic and Anxiety Disorder, below are 3 questions you should be familiar with.

1. Are Panic and Anxiety Attacks Deadly?

Answer: Definitely not. It may be difficult to believe, but these attacks just trigger a feeling of fear and anxiousness to the brain. Stress can be triggered as well. Acting upon these feelings is what's more detrimental. Panic and anxiety attacks are not deadly at all.

2. How Long Are the Attacks?

Answer: An ordinary attack may last for up to ten minutes. During this duration, the person having the attack might feel a shortness of breath, sweating hot and cold sweats, chest pains, intense fear and the feeling of losing control over your self or body. Some people even feel as if they are going insane.

3. Is Mental Illness the Reason Behind Panic and Anxiety Attacks?

Answer: High level of stress, over thinking and paranoia can be reasons to have panic attacks. Panic and anxiety attacks may be related with mental health illness, but a person suffering these attacks are far from being literally crazy. The so-called feeling of "insanity" or losing oneself is just the body's reaction to the attacks.

There are more complicated yet more comprehensive questions that you can find on the internet to help you become more informed about Panic and Anxiety attacks. Remember that information is always the key. Do not hesitate to be on the look out for more data regarding the disorder that's ailing you. And if you have the budget, it would be wise to consult a psychiatrist.

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